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  I tried it for my hands, after a week I started noticing a difference. My hands don't ache all the time. I sleep better at night, with no pain! I love this product, bless you all at Redwood Coast HEMP Water!!!

Lynn N.


  After years of playing football my knees were shot. I've been prescribed every drug imaginable to ease the pain, nothing truly helped, just gave me the drugged out feeling. I can honestly say this product is a miracle worker, my knees haven't felt this good in years.

Jeff H.


  Awesome product, I now drink more water and it helps every one I've told about it, it works wonders on migrains, cramps, my endo pain ect.

Shantel B. 


  I drank a bottle of this water yesterday afternoon and I slept better for the first time in about 8 years I didn't wake up very sick to my stomach, cramping intestines and throwing up.

One bottle....

I've been a medical patient for years, but the hemp is different.

I'm amazed and will be getting it!!!

Lora C.


  Tried your hemp water the other day. Had some back pain that I couldn't seem to get rid of it with Ibuprofen or Tylenol. It worked so fast and lasted for a few hours, it was so great! I would reccomend this to everyone!

Ora H.



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